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Where to Go in 2024

From a British city reimagining its industrial past and a laid-back Kenyan island free of cars to the best place in North America to see the total solar eclipse, our 25 picks for where to go next year have several traits in common: Each is an awe-inspiring, joy-inducing destination where human connection and creativity define the travel experience.

The best smartwatch 2024: top wearable smartphone companions for #fitnesstracking

The best smartwatches are excellent fitness gadgets. They’re built to track your activity levels, record your workouts, and show you health and recovery insights. But they also do much more. The top smartwatches around today connect to your smartphone, delivering notifications, and even phone calls, to your wrist, as well as give you quick and easy access to a range of apps, like meditation apps, timers, weather insights, and so much more.

Best Bikes of 2024

Looking for a #bike to cruise on pavement or hit the trails? For over a decade, our team here at #gearlaboutdoors has been researching and testing the best bikes on the market. Biking technology has changed a lot in recent years, with the growing popularity, availability, and affordability of electric bikes.

40 Best Products on #amazon With Over 5,000 Five-Star Reviews

One or two five-star product reviews aren't always an indicator of a great product. But over 5,000 of them? Well, that's another story. We round up the best-selling products on Amazon with the #bestreviews. When you’re shopping online, there are both conveniences and inconveniences to consider when getting ready to buy something.

2024 Fashion Trends You Should Know and Shop Now

New year, new wardrobe. The defining 2024 #fashion trends are already taking shape just weeks into the year, courtesy of the spring runway shows and some boundary-pushing #redcarpet looks—and just when we were starting to get tired of our current wardrobes. Nostalgia ruled last year’s biggest trends, from the revival of early-2010s fashion to so-called #stealthwealth.

5 things we want to see changed on the #google #pixelfold 2

The Google Pixel Fold was one of the highlights of the first half of 2023, combining a stylish and surprisingly-slim design with great cameras and impressive screens. In all, it was a brilliant first attempt at a #foldablephones by Google, but there are plenty of places where the inevitable Google Pixel Fold 2 could improve things.

5 big features that the Apple #visionpro is strangely missing

Apple’s Vision Pro #headset has received a largely positive reception, with reviewers all over the internet praising its incredible #immersion and top-notch build quality. But that doesn’t mean everything is perfect, and there are a few features that are strangely absent from Apple’s device. Whether Apple brings them via a quick software update or we have to wait for a later version of the headset, we’re hoping we aren’t without them for long.

Superfoods: Exploring Nature’s Most #nutrientdense Offerings

Unlock the potential of superfoods! Explore the world of nutrient-rich wonders from nature and elevate your health. #oliveoil #superfoods #wellnessjourney

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